Aerial hoop one point
Aerial hoop one point
Aerial hoop one point
Aerial hoop one point
Aerial hoop one point

Aerial Hoop

1-point hoop is the most used Aerial Hoop. Simple to rig and great for spinning.
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1-point aerial hoop. It can be attached to a carabiner or you can choke a span set directly to the hoop. The great advantage of the hoop is that it is possible to hang it in rooms with a lower ceiling. You can use it not only for acrobatics but also for strengthening or relaxing.

Hoops have different diameters. Choosing the right size is important for safety and comfort when exercising. Which diameter to choose depends on your height, body composition and your preference.

Material: steel

Surface: varnish

Color: black

Country of manufacture: Slovakia

How do I choose the right hoop size?

Choosing the right hoop size is important. When you have the right size of a hoop the practicing is more comfortable, safer and it is easier to learn new elements. Which diameter of the aerial hoop you choose depends on your height (or the length of your legs and torso). There are two simple ways to find out which size is right for you.

1. For beginners: Sit upright on a chair and measure the distance from the seat to the top of your head. Add 10 cm to this number.

2. For advanced: Lie on the floor and lift your legs with your knees outstretched so that there is a 90 ° angle between your abdomen and thighs. Measure the distance between the ground and the center of the feet. Add 5 cm to this number.

How do I rig a hoop?

Rig the hoop using a span set, which you can choke around the hoop and attach to oval carabiner. Then attach the carabiner directly to a ceiling mount.

Another way how to rig one point aerial hoop is to use a carabiner instead of choking span set around the hoop. If you also want to spin on the hoop, you need to buy a swivel, which is placed between two oval carabiners.

If you are interested in all the accessories for rigging the hoop, check out our Basic Aerial Hoop Setup or Pro Aerial Hoop Setup including swivel.

Is it necessary to tape the hoop?

It's not necessary, our hoops are varnished. It depends on your personal preference. The tape prevents the palms from slipping and thus ensures a better grip.

Which tape is the best for wrapping an aerial hoop?

There is a lot of hoop tapes on the market. It is a textile tape that has high durability and tack, so it holds very well on the hoop and at the same time does not release the glue on the palms during exercise. We've tried many of them over the years, and the hoop tape that we offer you has worked best for us.

How to tape an aerial hoop?

If you wrap a hoop with the tape properly, it will last a long time and perform its function - the hoop will not slip and provide a more secure grip when exercising. Therefore, it is very important to wrap the hoop correctly. It's quite simple:

Think of a hoop as a clock dial. Start taping the hoop from 7 to 12 o'clock counter clockwise. Then turn the hoop and tape again from 7 to 12 o'clock counter clockwise. The lower part of the hoop will be taped twice, because it is the most used part of the hoop. Make sure that the tape always overlaps at 1/3. The tape will not peel off and will last a long time.

If you find it too difficult, or you are afraid that you will ruin it, you can leave the wrapping to us. All you have to do is add wrapping the hoop with tape to your cart and the hoop will come professionally wrapped.

How to rig an aerial hoop at home?

Aerobatics is an incredible set of skills that require strength, flexibility and a willingness to hang upside down. At present, the aerobatics disciplines do not have any industry standards or regulations. Although some of them date back one hundred years ago, aerial acrobatics is still considered a relatively new area of ​​expertise. This can make it difficult to find all the information you need in one place.

You always need to know the conditions under which you decide to rig the hoop. Aerial acrobatics develop a dynamic load that must be considered when rigging the aerial apparatus. It is not the same as rigging e.g. swings (in addition, it is rigged at two points and thus the load is distributed).

First you need to know what load your beam (ceiling, beam, ..) can withstand and whether the beam is wooden or metal. There are huge differences between these materials and it is important to know from the beginning what you are dealing with. The rigging itself should be done by a qualified professional, whether it is a steel beam, wooden beam, concrete ceiling or anything else. This is something we would not be able to deal with, and we would recommend that you talk to a structural engineer to make sure that your beam can withstand the load that is needed.

If you have a reinforced concrete ceiling at home, we recommend that you purchase our Ceiling mount.

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