Swivel for Aerial Silk Hoop
Swivel for Aerial Silk Hoop


Enjoy beautiful smooth aerial spinning with Swivel.
45,00 €
2-5 pcs in stock

Swivel carabiner, thanks to which the hoop / silk can spin without twisting the rope. The Swivel must be placed between two oval carabiners. The orientation of the swivel when hanging does not matter.

What is the swivel used for in aerial acrobatics?

Swivel is a great tool for spinning on an aerial silk or a hoop. At the same time, the rope does not tangle during exercise.

Is it possible to practice on a silk / hoop without a swivel?

Yes, it is not necessary to have a swivel. For example, there is no swivel in our Basic Aerial Silk Setup, as for beginners (or if the fast spinning makes you dizzy) a set without a swivel is enough. We recommend Swivel for smooth, targeted rotations (which are especially appreciated by the advanced aerialists) and at the same time the silk, span set or rope does not get tangled. If you are interested in a set with a swivel, the Pro Aerial Silk Setup will be best for you.

Strength: 30 kN

Weight: 120 g

Bearing: ball

Color: black

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