Silk setup basic aerial silk

Basic Aerial Silk Setup

Basic Aerial Silk Setup for everyone. Everything you need in one convenient package.
179 €
1 x Aerial Silk Velvet
1 x Rescue Eight
1 x Ceiling mount
1 x Oval carabiner

This set is suitable for hanging at home, in the studio or wherever you have the right conditions. Silk is universal, with low flexibility, suitable for beginners and advanced. It is also suitable for areas with a lower ceiling.

Choose the silk length based on the ceiling height. You can use the following formula: 2 x ceiling height + 2 m. If you're hesitant between 2 lengths, choose the longer one.

The set contains:

- Silk fabric Aerial Silk Velvet

- Figure Eight for Aerial Silk

- 1 x Oval steel carabiner

- Ceiling mount for rigging Aerial Silk, Aerial Hoop, or any other aerial apparatus.

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