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Free Delivery over 300€
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Tested by professionals
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Products in stock
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Expert advice


Silk Set was a love at first sight / exercise. The silk fabric is comfortable, does not cut and does not burn so much. The ceiling mount is white, so it is invisible on the white ceiling. I don't have a high ceiling, but I'm still very happy that I bought a silk set and I can practice elements that I like so much and I feel safe, because in case of a fall, I won't fall from a high. 😀


I am very satisfied with the Aerial Fit Shop, friendliness, communication and delivery for 1 *, the hoop is really high quality and my daughter is still hanging on it :) Thank you and I will be happy to buy here again!


Everything is great :) I ordered a hoop, it came quickly, cleverly packed and everything matched the description on the page. I can't wait to start practicing!


I'm very happy. Fast delivery and everything in professional quality. Also, when I needed advice on the order, there was no problem, thank you.


My daughter wanted a silk for a long time, but we didn't know how to do it ... The Silk set solved it, now she can practice at home.


My daughter and I are very happy with the silk. We bought an elastic one first, but it didn't work out so comfortably. We really like the silver-blue color and also the pleasant material.


Finally an e-shop where I found everything I need to rig the silk at home. I will also order a hoop. Thank you :)


Thanks Aerial Fit Shop for the beautiful and quality silk, which they also provided with the necessary accessories. I also appreciate advice on ceiling mounting and silk tying on a figure 8.


I bought the Aerial Silk Set to be able to practice the elements I learned in training. It's a great exercise and relaxation and last but not least a great thing to maintain and increase overall fitness. 🙂


Aerial Fit Shop is a shop that offers reliable aerial equipment for sale.

When arranging our aerial studio, we had a problem finding proven aerial equipment (aerial silks, hoops, etc.). Either it was too expensive or the delivery took too long.

We searched, ordered and tested for a long time. We managed to find equipment that also worked for professional acrobats.

To save time and money for people who want to buy quality aerobatics equipment, we launched an eshop Aerial Fit Shop.

You can order silks, hoops and other aerial accessories here at a good price and with fast delivery.