Aerial Hoop Basic Set

Basic Aerial Hoop Setup

Basic Aerial Hoop Setup for everyone. Everything you need in one convenient package.
232 €
1 x Aerial Hoop
1 x Span Set
2 x Oval carabiner
1 x Ceiling mount
1 x Hoop Tape

This set is suitable for hanging at home, in the studio or wherever you have the right conditions. Hoop is universal, suitable for beginners and advanced. Very suitable for areas with a lower ceiling. Can be used for strengthening or acrobatics.

The set contains:

- Aerial Hoop

- Span Set for Aerial Hoop

- 2 x Oval steel carabiner

- Ceiling mount for rigging Aerial Silk, Aerial Hoop, or any other aerial apparatus.

- Hoop Tape to cover the hoop. If you do not want to wrap the hoop by yourself, we offer you to wrap the hoop for you (just check the box when adding the set to the cart)

How to choose the right diameter of aerial hoop?

Choose a hoop diameter based on your personal experience or the following tools:

1. For beginners: Sit upright on a chair and measure the distance from the seat to the top of your head. Add 10 cm to this number.

2. For advanced: Lie on the floor and lift your legs with your knees outstretched so that there is a 90 ° angle between your abdomen and thighs. Measure the distance between the ground and the center of the feet. Add 5 cm to this number.

How to choose a span set length?

When choosing the length of the span set, you need to consider the height of the space in which you want to hang the hoop. Note that if you hang the span set by choking it around a hoop (i.e. using only one carabiner), the hopp will hang higher than if you use a carabiner to hang (i.e. use two carabiners).

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