Oval steel carabiner for aerial silk aerial hoop

Oval steel carabiner (screw)

Long-lasting steel carabiner for safe rigging of Aerial Silk and Hoop.
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The oval steel carabiner is perfect for securely rigging a hoop, silk or any aerial apparatus. The steel carabiner is best suited for aerial acrobatics, as it is highly resistant to abrasion during training (hoop point, other carabiners and rigging point), so it is safe and long-lasting.

The carabiner has an intuitive screwing mechanism, high strength and a large open lock. It needs to be attached in the right orientation - i.e. screw down to close.

Material: galvanized steel

Weight: 176 g

Width strength: 9 kN

Strength in the longitudinal axis: 30 kN

Strength with open lock: 8kN

Width: 18 mm

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