Span set round sling aerial hoop strop
Span set round sling aerial hoop strop
Span set round sling aerial hoop strop

Span Set for Aerial Hoop

Strong and durable sling, exactly what you need to rig your hoop. Very quick and easy to attach, comfortable grip.
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Round sling, also known as span set or strop is the right choice for rigging your aerial hoop. It can be attached directly to the carabiner or any other non-abrasive anchor point. It can be also attached to the hoop by choking.

All our spansets have blue identification labels with the manufacturer's designation, technical data and the CE quality mark. Round slings can be used in the temperature range from -40 ° C to 100 ° C.

Material: 100% Polyester

Width: 50 mm

Color: black

Working Load Limit (WLL): 1000 kg

Safety factor: 7:1

Standard: EN 1492-2

Advantages of rigging a hoop on a span set:

- high safety

- long life

- easy to use

- possibility to use the sling for aerial hoop tricks

How to tie a span set to your aerial hoop?

You can tie the span set around the hoop by choking (see picture above) or you can use an oval carabiner (also in the picture above). If you also want to use a swivel, place it between two oval carabiners, with one carabiner attached to the span set and the other to the ceiling mount.

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