Osma aerial silk figure eight rescue eight
Osma aerial silk figure eight rescue eight

Figure Eight for Aerial Silk

Figure eight is a perfect element to rig your aerial silk.
19,00 €
Made to Order

Figure eight is light weight but strong and suitable for secure rigging. Never tie the silk directly to the oval carabiner, always use the Figure Eight.

How to attach silk to Figure 8?

Attaching silk to the Figure 8 is very easy and safe. The silk fabric folded in half is passed through the larger eye of the eighth, passes under the larger eye and is threaded from the top to the smaller eye. The smaller eye is the place to attach the carabiner and thus rig the silk to the rigging point.

What do you need to hang aerial silk?

In addition to the Figure 8, you'll also need a oval carabiner to hang the silk, swivel (can be practiced without it, not necessary, but ensures smooth rotations without twisting the silk) and ceiling mount. If you are interested in purchasing the full range of accessories, check out our Basic Aerial Silk Setup or Pro Aerial Silk Set up.

Material: dural

Weight: 125 g

Color: black

Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS): 35 kN

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